Holy Dreadlocks                         Beware Warm Milk                   A King on His Throne

Genius or Insanity

Genius or Insanity                     Cover It                                        The Restaurant

The Greatest Pinky Promise    No Pressure                                It’s Who You Know

The Circle Maker

The Legend of the Circle Maker   One More Lap                         Through it, To it

Get Your Feet Wet                       Talking Donkeys                       The Loudest Whisper

The Struggle is Real                   The Glitch that keeps Giving   God’s Not Done Yet

Redeeming love                         Step Out and Trust                     Lamp Lighters

Kevin’s testimony                       Don Straub                                 Bribed Faith

Jehova Jireh                                Sharing Time                             What Christmas Means To Me

Servants and Friends                The Not So Giving Tree            Christmas Special

Free but Not Cheap                     Message of Grace                     Our Picture of God

Crisis or opportunity                 Living in the Overflow              Karis Support Society

Easter Program                          Philippines Mission Trip

20th Anniversary Program

Our “I Dream of a Church” series inspired by the “One Project”