One of the greatest questions that seems to remain unanswered in the world today is “what is our purpose?” Human nature is to make sense of things and give order to chaos. In the chaos of our existence and our interactions with each other we want to believe that we each exist on earth in our present time for a specific purpose or goal. But what is that purpose? If we were indeed created, for what purpose were we created?

The Bible asserts that we were all created in the image of God, with the ability to become self-aware and worship a God greater than ourselves. In the book “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, this “what am I here for?” question is taken head on. As we go through our “Powered Purpose” Series from Sept. 30-Oct.28 based on Warren’s book we are going to explore the 5 main purposes for which God created us.

We encourage that as you go through this journey with us that you grab yourself a copy of “The Purpose Driven Life” available at most book stores and thrift stores and follow along as we discover God’s 5 purpose for our lives.

Sept.30 – What Am I Here For?
Oct. 7 – Made for Worship
Oct. 14 – Made for Relationship
Oct. 21 – Made for Transformation
Oct. 28 – Made for Service and Mission