Passion Project

Our Passion Project is a new ministry we’re starting up at Son Valley with the leadership of your YAASS! (Young Adult Awesome Sabbath School Class). This new ministry seeks to be able to give back to our community in meaningful ways. 

For this season in our project we’ve decided to continue the support begun through our “Love Offering” and continue to enrich the life of a worthy family in our city. The Guenther family, Nick, Mallory, and their 7 month old Octavia, have been the recipients of our “Love Offering”  and will continue to be supported through our Passion Project.

This family  is unfortunately split up over the province of BC. Some of this couples children are having to live with other family members due to financial difficulties. The couple was forced to move to clearwater with family because they couldn’t keep their house in Kelowna. With a 7 month currently in their midst their finances are far too stretched to afford some basics for their baby. Our hope is to assist them financially and be a contributing factor to their goals of bringing their family back together and re-establishing themselves in Kelowna.

To support this ministry through online giving click here. If you don’t see the “Love Offering” option click the “Add more offerings…” button, check the “Love Offering” box, and click the “Add selected offering(s) to the envelope” button.

If you’d like to help with services, baby necessities, or other goods contact Pastor Abraham

Thank you in advanced for your continued support!