We live in a dichotomous culture. One the one hand there’s a strong emphasis on the idea of “living for today,” that life is short and so we should live with little to no consideration of tomorrow, with no regrets. Yet this same culture is a culture that records and uploads everything to the internet, sometimes preventing us from moving on from the mistakes of our past.  A lot of the decisions we make, big or small, have a profound impact on our future, our personality, our lifestyle, our relationship with God and our legacy. 

We are saved not based on what we do, but based on our relationship with God. Many of our choices and actions can either bring us closer to God, or draw us away from Him. In this series we’re going to be exploring some of the stories of characters and leaders found in the book of Judges. They were all flawed, broken, and messed up, but God used them in some powerful ways. God, it turns out, does not require good people in order to do good work. He can and does work with us in whatever moral and spiritual condition He finds us. God, we are learning, does some of his best work using the most unlikely people.

Yet, while we take comfort in knowing that God can use us no matter what spiritual or moral condition we find ourselves in, we also hope to learn from the mistakes of previous leaders, focusing on not making those same mistakes others made before us. As we live our lives and challenge ourselves to grow in Jesus we ask ourselves, what Legacy does our life leave? Join us for this journey through Judges and our search for a lasting Kingdom Life.