PlaidAcademy in general:

For those of you who may have heard about this program but aren’t quite sure what it is, it’s purpose is simple: To make the world better. We aim to create an ecosystem of mentorship, outreach, and inspiration. With a recent grant of $10,000 we’ve been able to start some amazing programs, and look forward to even more in the future!

Grub Club:

Grub Club has been a lot of fun for everyone involved so far! From rolling tacos with me to rolling sushi with Yoshi the sushi master, we’ve done a lot. This club saw a lot of success last year, growing from meetings of 8 members at The Bridge to nearly 30 per week packed into the OKAA kitchen! We’ve now split into two separate age groups to accommodate more members and will be having our first meeting of 2014 on Monday, February 3rd. As Grub Club grows into the community we have many exciting expansions in mind, so keep an eye out for us!