Genius or Insanity: The Revolution of Jesus

At the very core of Christian faith is the idea that the Jesus we read in the Bible is indeed the Son of God. But somehow, despite the gospel writers and the recorded words of Jesus we tend to get confused as to the application of His teachings. We justify some of our actions, or outright contradict His teachings on the basis of tradition. What we sometimes fail to realize is that the Jesus of the Bible was far more radical than we give Him credit. 

Jesus may have been a pacifist, but by no means was He passive. The radical teachings of of this Jesus found in the New Testament revolutionized the religion of His time, much to the frustration of many of the learned teachers. In our series “Genius or Insanity: The Revolution of Jesus” we explore the ways that Jesus revolutionized the way we relate to God and to religion. Join us for this radical series from April through May!